I was very excited to do a family swap with a local photographer Jenny from Jenner Rose Photography. I have to say, I have never been more nervous before a shoot! I couldnt even sleep the night before. I just loved this family and they were so much fun. Thank you so much Jenny for letting me capture your very FIRST family portrait! I cant believe you have never done this. Enjoy your sneak peek!

family swap 032-vignette

family swap 105

family swap 097

family swap 380 This one was just for fun and had me cracking up! LOL. There was a car coming too! family swap 327

43 Responses to “Fun Family Photos | Orange County Photographer”

  1. Lora says:

    These are gorgeous!!!! I’m sure they will be sooo happy.

  2. Becky says:

    Awwww, the last photo made me a bit teary eyed as the boys looked like they really enjoyed it.

  3. Shanna!!! These are fantastic. I am sure she is going to love them!

  4. Jennifer O. says:

    Those are beautiful!

  5. Teresa W. says:

    Wow these are fantastic! Great job!! You had nothing to be worried about!!! 🙂

  6. Sharon says:

    Beautiful! Great work!

  7. Jenny says:

    WOW! Thank you so much Shanna!! They are fantastic! We had such a good time….

    Ok…. now I can start sweating for your shoot…yikes!

  8. Tara Zornow says:

    Uh—These are GORGEOUS!!!

  9. Holly Nicole says:

    Wow these are awesome! Such crisp clean colors!

  10. Carolyn says:

    Gorgeous!! I love them! So jealous of the colorful leaves!

  11. Rose says:

    Beautiful family! And such great fall shots!

  12. Lisa says:

    soooooooooo cute!!! Love ALL of them!

  13. Kim K. says:

    such a gorgeous family! Love that second shot!!!

  14. Beautiful. Love those colors!

  15. melissa says:

    the first family shot is STUNNING. great job!

  16. Kristina says:

    Wow, I absolutely LOVE the colors and the mood! I love the one with the family on the road

  17. Brunilda says:

    Lovely! And I love how the little one looks just like mom with that red hair and the bigger one looks like dad. It comes out so nicely in the last shot.

  18. These are just beautiful!!!

  19. Laura Brett says:

    So fun, love all the fall colors!

  20. Cara says:

    Oh my these family photos are just amazing! They look like they are having so much fun! Those boys are so precious!

  21. Ashley Rukeyser says:

    these were great Shanna!! Reminds me so much of my family how each boy looks like one parent. I’m so glad you are going to do a trade. What a great idea!

  22. Jen says:

    Wow, I love all of these photos! They are stunning – and the family is so cute! Great work!!

  23. Lindsey says:

    I love all the pictures. Gorgeous family.

  24. Rosemary says:

    Gorgeous family and photos! Nice work, girl!

  25. Marinda says:

    What a beautiful family! Love the last one. Great job on these!!

  26. Krysia says:

    These are just gorgeous! I love the warmth. Soooo pretty. I love that first image!

  27. Elizabeth says:

    I love these Shanna! I LOVE the background. So fall!

  28. Jolie says:

    These are awesome! LOVE the last one!

  29. toki says:

    Oh my, these are simply amazing. Beautiful lighting and colors!!!!

  30. Kelsey says:

    So Cute!!! Those Fall colors are FAB!

  31. Cecillia says:

    These are fantastic, love all the color

  32. Melinda says:

    Wow you rocked this session! Excellent job.

  33. Sammi says:

    Totally gorgeous family and photos…love the warmth of them!

  34. Nicki says:

    Great job!! Love the colors!

  35. Mandy says:

    Gorgeous! I love the colors and the clarity!

  36. gorgeous! crystal clear, the colors are amazing, the eye contact/energy/emotion is fabulous – AWESOME JOB!!

  37. These are gorgeous! I love them all! What a beautiful family. Those boys are so adorable!

  38. Mistie says:

    stunning portraits!!!

  39. Lovely! I can’t believe she hasn’t done this before either. Well worth the wait though. Great job!

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  41. Jen says:

    Awww, these are so pretty!!!! Keep up the good work!! ;o)

  42. Kelly Klatt says:

    These are stunning. Gorgeous family, gorgeous pictures-way to go woman!!

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