Happy Holidays!!

December 26, 2009

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Holiday! Shanna Kreza Photography will be offering the 2009 prices for any session booked by January 1, 2010. Sessions must take place by May 2010. Dont miss this wonderful opportunity! I have 3 spots open in January and 1 left in February.

Here are a few pictures of my own kids! We had a wonderful Christmas. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

22 Responses to “Happy Holidays!!”

  1. Kristin says:

    Awww, I love the Christmas tree one. Soo good!!!!

  2. melissa says:

    Beautiful image of Christmas tree. Love it!

  3. Kim K. says:

    LOVE that first shot!!!

  4. Nicki says:

    absolutely love the first image… great job!

  5. Toki says:

    Shanna, gorgeous images as always! Hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you all the best in 2010!!

  6. Heather says:

    Wow that first shot is precious, love the tree, the kids, the pjs….

  7. Wendy Z says:

    OMG! I love the Christmas tree also. You should get that printed on a canvas and hang it every Christmas!

  8. kelly says:

    Wow, that Christmas photo is spectacular! Makes the decorating in MY home look like the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, all sad and scraggily!!!

  9. rachael says:

    that first shot is beyond awesome, nice!

  10. Julie says:

    The lights on the first shot are stunning!

  11. Gorgeous!!! That pic of the Christmas tree is absolutely stunning!

  12. Bri says:

    That first shot is yummy! Your children are beautiful. I love their matching jammies. ++

  13. Tara J says:

    I love all of these! The color and lighting in #1 is just breathtaking! ++

  14. Fabiana says:

    Love love love the photo of the children by the Christmas tree. Stunning! ++

  15. Amber says:

    Wow, the tree shot is amazing!! Beautiful kiddos!!

  16. Trisha says:

    Beautiful children you have! Love your pictures!

  17. Love these, Shanna. The tree shot is simply amazing! Happy New Year!

  18. April says:

    Those are seriously beautiful! Your daughters are so cute!

  19. Mindy says:

    You have the most beautiful girls!! Happy New Year!!

  20. Cara says:

    Oh Shanna these photos are so sweet! LOVE

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