I must say, as much as I love photographing adults because they sit still, I love even more watching the babies grow. Remember this preemie newborn HERE ?? Just look how big he is now!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching them grow and am honored to be chosen to capture it. These are the moments that last a lifetime.

here are his twin sisters! I think we made the mistake of picking a popular park, on Memorial Day weekend at NOON to take pictures because these girls were all about people watching and chasing the ducks! I had a great time playing with them! I got some great shots.

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21 Responses to “Busy Bees | Orange County Newborn Photographer”

  1. kelly klatt says:

    Love their little outfits-they look adorable!! Great work!

  2. Jennifer says:

    These are sooooo cute! Love how rich the color is!

  3. Elle says:

    Beautiful work!! Love your color!!

  4. Mandy says:

    Gorgeous, Shanna! I remember the baby.. he is getting so big!

  5. Jen Stafford says:

    Cute, cute, cute! The color in these is just gorgeous!

  6. Jessica says:

    Oh, that third one just stopped me in my tracks–beautiful color!

  7. Jaidean says:

    Cute cute kids! Love that last shot of all three!!!

  8. Sophie Crew says:

    Love your colors! What a sweet bunch of cuties!!

  9. kelly says:

    Great job. Beautiful work, beautiful colors!!

  10. Hilary A says:

    Seriously CUTE!!!!

  11. Amanda says:

    I never would have guessed these were taken at noon! The color is perfect – nice job!

  12. Christy F says:

    Great job – adorable kids!

  13. CrystalL says:

    Adorable, Mom will be happy!

  14. chrissy says:

    omg that last one is just adorable!! Kudos for shooting at noon!!

  15. Heather says:

    Adorable, great job getting them to sit together in the last shot, what was your trick?

  16. Nichole says:

    So cute!! Beautiful photos!

  17. MeghanW says:

    Beautiful photos!!!

  18. Trisha says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  19. Allison says:

    Bet these cuties kept you on your toes! Great work though!

  20. Deanna says:

    What an adorable trio!

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