Yesterday I had the pleasure of driving up to Los Angeles and meeting this little boy and his family. His newborn session was supposed to be 3 weeks ago but after a very traumatic labor and delivery experience, this little baby and his mommy are finally out of the hospital and doing great! He is now almost 4 weeks old and was the sleepiest baby. His daddy was such a proud papa. It was so cute! His mommy and grandma had the sweetest tears through the session watching me take pictures of their little miracle. It was a very rewarding experience for me to see that. I am so thankful for such wonderful clients all the time! Thank you so much D Family for welcoming me into your home!

Here is one of their sweet baby boy! My clients mentioned they love black and white photos so I thought sharing one would be perfect!
Los Angeles newborn photographer
Los Angeles Newborn Photographer<

23 Responses to “Little Miracle | Marina Del Rey Newborn Photographer”

  1. Mandy says:

    Love love love!!! Great work girl:)

  2. Laurie says:

    AWWWW he’s so handsome already! So glad everyone is well!

  3. Jaidean says:

    he is GORGEOUS! love his hair…what a doll! Beautiful!

  4. Awww he’s so the hair!

  5. PamN says:

    Oh my gosh look at how blond he is! These are just beautiful images, and his parents will treasure them forever!

  6. Clarice says:

    Oh my goodness look at all that hair! It’s gorgeous! I love these images too SHanna! You did an awesome job!

  7. Rosalind says:

    LOVE his expressions in these! That little smile is so cute. Well done – they will love them.

  8. Suzie says:

    My gorgeous nephew!!! Fantastic photos – he is absolutely PERFECT!!

  9. Diane says:

    Beautiful photos of my nephew! They capture how perfect he is! And yes…he really is cute!

  10. rebekah says:

    wow! a gorrrrrgeous baby! love that 2nd shot! priceless.

  11. Love that second one! Too precious.

  12. Alex & Sherv says:

    He’s beautiful!!! So, so excited to see him… and Alessia is calling first dibs! Amazing pictures!

  13. kat says:

    awwwwww lil nugget is a lil nugget of cuteness!

  14. Katherine says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Love that smile 🙂

  15. Jennifer Joiner says:

    Such a gorgeous little boy. So happy for you all. Looks a bit like him momma!

  16. Jan Lund says:

    OooHH my Darling, a beautiful little baby boy, to, two beautiful parents, best wishes and love..Xxx

  17. Elizabeth says:

    What a sweet little one! I love all the hair!

  18. April says:

    What a stunning baby – a special “reward” for all that hard work you had to go through! Keep on staring at the photos — cannot get over the hair — too, too wonderful! So happy that Vesna is with you – please give her my love! Lots of love & xxx

  19. KT Blatney says:

    I’m not lying, he’s gorgeous. Dave….he’s got your hair:) Great pics. Can’t wait to see the hat on him.

  20. KT Blatney says:

    did you put gel in his hair for the photo shoot?

  21. Oh my gosh – look at all that hair! What a cutie!

  22. Cindy Doherty says:

    He is so precious and gorgeous I am tearing up. He is INCREDIBLE!

  23. Rosemary says:

    Adorable!!!! Love that second one:)

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