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Yesterday I had the pleasure of driving up to Los Angeles and meeting this little boy and his family. His newborn session was supposed to be 3 weeks ago but after a very traumatic labor and delivery experience, this little baby and his mommy are finally out of the hospital and doing great! He is now almost 4 weeks old and was the sleepiest baby. His daddy was such a proud papa. It was so cute! His mommy and grandma had the sweetest tears through the session watching me take pictures of their little miracle. It was a very rewarding experience for me to see that. I am so thankful for such wonderful clients all the time! Thank you so much D Family for welcoming me into your home!

Here is one of their sweet baby boy! My clients mentioned they love black and white photos so I thought sharing one would be perfect!
Los Angeles newborn photographer
Los Angeles Newborn Photographer<

This little man was SOOOOOO cute! He was a feisty little one and definitely didn’t appreciate me trying to move his hands. hehehe He finally gave in and we got some adorable shots. Here is one for now!

Also, I just have to thank everyone who is being patient while I try and finish galleries and/or orders. This has been a crazy few weeks with a lot going on and I am doing the best I can to finish. I promise to work as hard as I can to get things finished within the next few weeks and wont be taking any new clients until I finish!

Ok, here is precious baby M!

All images copyright of Shanna Kreza Photography 2011. Do not copy, print, or download.

I just love this couple! We had so much fun and lots of funny memories to share. We started our session on Friday when half way through, we realized her other outfits were at home! I decided to have them come back to finish our session another day. On their way to meet me last night, there was a fire (!!) and lots of traffic. It was super gloomy and dark out all of the sudden. THEN after our sunset shots, we were walking back to the car only to find out we were LOCKED INSIDE A WILDERNESS PARK with no cell phones, and barbed wire fences everywhere. The rangers were miles away and it was getting really dark and cold fast! I was able to jump a fence to go get their cell phone out of the car to call for help. You may find the last picture picture amusing but I was dying a little inside. I couldnt believe we got locked in with lions and tigers and bears! (at least that is what was running through my mind!) hahahah The rangers made the mistake of closing it too early and drove up to help us. I made them promise me, no mishaps when the baby arrives! LOL Thank you to the J Family for being so fun and calm during all of this. Enjoy!

and the last picture of the night…stuck inside a wilderness park with no way out!!

Being a fire wife myself, this makes my heart melt beyond words can describe!!!! I wish I had a picture like this of my girls…

Image copyright to Shanna Kreza Photography 2010* do not copy

I must say, as much as I love photographing adults because they sit still, I love even more watching the babies grow. Remember this preemie newborn HERE ?? Just look how big he is now!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching them grow and am honored to be chosen to capture it. These are the moments that last a lifetime.

here are his twin sisters! I think we made the mistake of picking a popular park, on Memorial Day weekend at NOON to take pictures because these girls were all about people watching and chasing the ducks! I had a great time playing with them! I got some great shots.

all images copyright of Shanna Kreza Photography 2010* do not copy

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