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Just wanted to share some images from a newborn session awhile back. Isnt she adorable?
newborn photography huntington beach
newborn photography

Of course they are Lakers fans so it was perfect to get one in a little jersey. Can you believe this jersey is a BUILD A BEAR accessory!? hahaha It was so tiny and cute! I cant believe something made for a stuffed animal fit her. 🙂 Can you believe that huge smile!? look at those dimples!
Lakers baby

This teeny tiny 5lb peanut is the newest member to our family. My husbands cousin gave birth to this beautiful little girl a month early but she is strong and healthy! I cant believe my own daughter was ever this small. She was such a good sleeper and I had so much fun with her! I was so excited to use a ton of adorable new hats but this little peanut was swimming in them! Luckily a few fit!

I’ve been so lucky with all the newborn smiles lately!

This was the best moment ever! Baby was going potty on her daddy! hehehe I dont know why, but they ALWAYS wait to potty on their daddy! LOL

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I am sure you recognize these cute little girls! I have been watching them grow up for over a year now and the youngest is finally happy to have her picture taken by me 🙂 They all come around eventually! hehehe Thank you O Family!
children headshot photographer orange county

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SKP will be closed Wednesday through Friday. Tomorrow afternoon is the beginning of the festivities! My mom had surgery so I have been appointed to help cook the Thanksgiving dinner. That is a VERY scary thing!!! LOL All orders placed by 7pm tonight will still be processed. Otherwise, I will be back on Saturday!

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! I have a lot to be thankful for this year! I am thankful for my loving and supportive family, friends, and clients! Thank you for being patient during this crazy busy time for me!

I have to include a picture with a post so here is of my baby planners! Isn’t she adorable?!

I had a great time with this wonderful big family this weekend. I was so surprised how great these kids were at just sitting there and listening to me. I think the parents were surprised too! They didnt cry or run away from me! hahaha I have a lot more to share soon! Here are just two images of the cutie patooties I photographed! They make me smile!

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I am sure you recognize this sweet family! Anyone who knows them, knows they are huge USC fans. We had to get the baby in the football helmet, even it if meant trying for an hour! hahaha I have to say, this special little man will always be remembered. I have photographed a ton of newborns and I have never once, EVER, been peed or pooped on. Well, this little guy wanted to make sure he was remembered for a long time to come and not only tinkled on me once but twice!! Then he finished off with some poop. It was hilarious and I totally deserved it for making him squeeze into that helmet. I usually get to laugh when this happens to moms and dads but it was my turn! LOL I love this family and so happy their little man is finally out of the hospital and his jaundice is clearing up. I am so happy they have signed up to be baby planners so you get to watch this baby grow with me!!! Here are just a few of this handsome baby!

Yes, those are DIMPLES!! Awww so cute!

Big Sisters!

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